Exposure then Justice -Good Vs. Evil 9/11

twin_towers_code      In memory of September 11th victims- it is a time we should never forget, the day, the people, how and why they came to lose their lives that day. Many will never understand the “why”. We now have the evidence, and justice is coming. I bring this up now, as we may soon see justice taking place, as many of the true perpetrators of this and many other cruel and evil orchestrations of tragic events were staged deliberately. much of the this will soon be revealed.  We have truly lived within the Matrix. All has not been what we thought it was, we have been lied to, and defrauded and used. And horrific things, horrible things, have taken place, to children, to many people. 

Soon, we will see Disclosures of many things, I hope that all of it, will be forthcoming in entirety, from as long ago as it began. We need it. I think, we can take it, We need the truth as bad as it will be. We CAN handle the Truth.

     I did not wish to write this memoir and thought I never would.  But with dealing with it, comes so much more. As that act that day, co connects to so much more.

Unfortunately I too cannot forget that day, the cost of suffering, but the cost also was to take our Liberty, we have had it taken away in pieces, then chunks soon it will be gone with the 1st and 2nd amendment taken away from us. We all see it. And all of that was deliberate. Nor can I forget that my Psychic prediction was made on a live radio broadcast and sadly,  it came to pass in reality when I said it would, in possiblly mid month of Sept, in the year 2001 (Show and prediction made was on Sept. 29th, 1999), in what we have come to know of the event calling it by it’s date, 9/11. Most of my predictions have been known to be hauntingly accurate, and unfortunately so only in a predictions aftermath does it come to be realized, and also if it is traumatic, have an affect on many including myself. For me, the “before: in time, exists in “present time” . Until the prediction catches up in time, to be the actual Present Time, does it have the presence of  the horror that encompasses its reality and formation to the Present.  As well in the actual Present Time, it is “too late” to do anything to stop things nor really have the true affect on people that it was actually predicted “ahead” of it’s actual time, as it was yet to occur.

Ive found it odd, that People don’t seem to care before, nor after a prediction comes to pass. As though it has become natural for all to do this, precast what is ahead.  Which is why many times, I feel it is almost confusing to give a prediction at all. It doesn’t seem to matter, why bother, its seems to not matter as it doesn’t prevent anything. Thats not always the case, so this is why it has been sad for me that no one seems to care or take anything seriously. Except for the Alphabet people as evidence has shown that they have acted in consequence of what is made public like a broadcast made on Sept 29th 1999 when this show aired. They made tapes then,  as I had to rush out unable after the show to wait for the tape to be recorded from the original, and could not have it in my hand before I left the studio, but the Station Manager promised where it would be, and agreed to keep it safe as I strongly suggested it was a valuable piece of evidence. He told me it would be locked in his desk, and his office is always locked up when he leaves it. When I came for it days later, it had oddly ” disappeared”. He insisted he kept his promise of it being locked up in a desk under lock and key, and he insisted for security his office was always locked. The station managers office was somehow entered, even with all things locked the tape become “lost”. 

When and if In the exception of clients that have felt the information is significant information for them, they do listen and things are seen that they are quite close to what I said, but they have taken measures and  managed to change the time of and the event itself. One example was a boat that would have gone out to sea from Martha’s Vineyard and loaded up four small children with all of the activity to distract the smallest young boy would have dropped off the side, and been lost, with no one noticing till way later. The coast guard would be called, and looking for days, but to no avail the small body would be found later. This actually was an event that was going to happen but was stopped when the Husband finally fessed up to his wife that in fact he had planned such a charter, off the Martha’s Vineyard Island with a small group of his friends, and he wanted to include his little children on board as he had separated from is wife and would have the children that weekend. When he was told and figured out it was a prediction by me, of a tragedy that would happen as his wife didn’t know he was going to do this charter off the Island, they lived in Katonah, N.Y, no one would assumed this, he became petrified the wife later told me. In this realization, he would have kept this from his wife, the tragedy would ensue and he would forever be guilty of this… his face showed the terror, he looked horrified she said. He admitted he had hidden it from her, and he promised, he would now cancel the event.

Zim international listened to my prediction for them. They occupied at least one floor in one of the Trade Tower Buildings with a huge amount of personnel.  The company had offices in the North Tower I believe, and the man “Joe” that worked there had come to know me. He told his boss my prediction, and that they had maybe six months to do the move, He told him I said to move everyone out, as some extreme, “bad events” would be forthcoming to the structures there. Thank God, They moved their facility weeks prior to the 9/11 attacks.  If the radio show I did making the detailed predictions of not just those events but global items that were moving in from that event,  had not been acknowledged by anyone in the aftermath later, at least I never heard of it, the only ones that knew were the Radio Host Larry Hughes of WEOK radio owned by Crystal Radio Group then, and later Cummulus Media. Chuck Benfer, who came to manage the four radio stations (My Prediction to him as he was in Sales when I told him), then later five Sister Stations(according to my predictions) they knew of my exact predictions for that and other things. Chuck was kind enough as I have no tape as proof, left an acknowledgement on my web site. Larry Hughes did as well. There is much I could write about in as far as certain things can’t be stopped, and why, but that perhaps is for a later “write up”. It is stranger to look back at it, then it is  to look forward knowing it will take place,  in these odd “reflections”. When the event  has taken place (like the Indonesian Tsunami a year after its  prediction on radio, it was replayed for the public by the station), it hits you differently. I had predicted on radio the whole detail of it, it would hit within a year of my telling it that day, and would cover so much of an area that a few thousand people would lose their lives. It would be a colossal span of area so in this, there is emotion with it, of course, but not before, within the prediction, its horrible, but it doesn’t have the same emotional affect as after when you saw it prior. Guilt become part of it when the prediction becomes ‘The Present Time” . I know there is a reason for all things even in the tragic cost of life, pain, panic and terror. This is the price of knowledge and wisdom, people are changed, they take stock in much more after. For in in the afterlife they know, but for those still here, to understand the fragility and preciousness of life and the shortness of time is most difficult at best.

Live Radio Prediction Detail- The 911 predictions were made on the Larry Hughes WEOK morning show, early morning Sept 29th 1999 (Mr. Hughes was kind enough to give an account of it as he recalls it that morning on my website). I made it clear it would be the month of September, just at the beginning of fall and the year 2001 so embedded in my brain of the changes yet to come I altered all of my house codes, bank codes to match. Continuing on the radio show I described “Three strikes on our soul, the first since Pearl Harbor 3 strategic points will be targeted on the east coast, and we will never be the same afterwards. I see we will be marking bridges, tunnels and buildings with American Flags in memory; they will be hung for years to be reminded to never forget those that were lost that day”. I told Larry Hughes and listeners the details such as Elizabeth Dole will go out of the running by December, and no one now realizes that Gore will win, but Bush will be President at the time of this attack (Larry Hughes sighed) that he will immediately retaliate, taking leadership quickly by sending flights to carry out missiles against this “faction  so vast it is spread throughout Europe” (al Qaeda) and the world. I said it would be early fall, second week in Sept and the year 2001, and that within five years, the number six (2006) year, we would find one key member (Zarqawi) via intelligence a high level in command under the rubble of what was his sanctuary, hit by the missile we would send. We will be forever changed, and the next day, we will see American Flags everywhere for years! Patriotism does return, but Our Privacy will be gone, taken by a new Department created to watch dog everyone.  Larry asked if this in fact would be WW III, I said NO, but it will be a new war, waged in covert tactics. And we will never be the same. Bush Jr., will create a new “Home based”,  law enforcement department (we know now as Homeland Security) that will be an overseer, and police all without warrants, due process, etc, are rights finished with this they will watch us too, for terrorist actions whether they have proof to spy on us or not. 

I knew as well, that my life would also mirror with its own catastrophic change, marking for me dual tragedies both in my life and global, that I was yet to watch take place.

When the last week of  August 2001 came around I decided that for  the week of Sept 9th  I would head out of town,  so I planned to go on “vacation”  and head to  Florida. I knew I didn’t want to be in such harsh heat, but it was a good time to go I felt. On that fateful day I woke up to hear a neighbor screaming. They were going door to door telling everyone to turn the TV on and watch the news, they yelled that the Twin Tower was hit by a plane and it was going to go down. I had severe migraines every day for over a week and that morning was the first it was gone. I believe my extreme migraine was for what was about to come and that morning the migraine was gone because why I had it to begin with, well,  the “events” were  now unfolding.  I immediately called a friend as I had a bad dream that night and needed to know he was OK and NOT in his apartment in NYC, but he was fine he said safe in his house in Texas. Shawn was the nephew of Sydney and Bernie Pollack brothers, and in fact he had fortunately decided to be as his other home in Texas. I would later know that Bush Jr. also as we were, right there in Florida, I knew he was part of it, and disclosures I hope are forthcoming at this writing, but since he was part of it, or I should say, his Father Bush Sr. was. Where our apartment was right at the beach, there was a blocked road right up North of us, it had become surrounded by police, the rumor at the time was that al Qaeda had been there . They were there originally, to take their flight lessons. No one seemed to know what exactly was happening and if anyone was there and had been captured.  I heard nothing more of it. But it was yet just another event, that had been pre-planend not by anyone other than by the evil Deep State, the Global Cabal, take your pick of what they should be called, they are, Luciferian followers, and pure evil creeps. We are at war now, in the shadows from public view, but its Good vs Evil. We are fighting to win to have OUR Power back and WE THE PEOPLE Will Win. Thats why my tape was stolen, I assume by the Alphabet people as I call them. There was too much detail in it, as I also added that Gore would win, but Bush would be President. Another set up, pre planned by the Elites in Power. The puppet masters were going to do their wars,manipulate us, and the system of money. Everything is life within the Matrix. Its created. Its not what you think it is.

Marking this day, I hope that Sept 11th, is a day set aside for remembrances, for family, friends and co workers to hold faith that their loved ones that perished, will all be together again one day.

That day as things unfolded on T.V for many, some did call in that they were somehow O.K. One such story was a man decided to go outside to have a smoke and was spared. Another person decided not to come to work, for no apparent reason. Another decided not to fly that day even though they should have gone, they decided not to get on the flight. But it soon became clear, within another 48 hours, that the missing, where presumed dead. Americans New Yorkers didn’t panic, they helped one another and held strong, but we all felt the horror, the agony. We knew then we had to remember 9-11 as a day of reckoning, and that things forever, would be changed. We would awaken from a sleep of expectancy of freedoms and protection that we felt we always had, and would have because we had somehow “earned” it. We need to know, that freedom must be earned, as freedom allows tragedy to walk in your country, so daily, we must take this heed to protect our borders, protect each other as we stopped paying attention, we fell asleep at the wheel with everything we carry on about even in our daily lives as Americans. We let evil politicians in, and allowed them to do all that they have done by not watching them they got away with it all. Now, its justice time. The distractions, watching the Oscars, etc, is nonsense, we need to watch the Hen house to  make sure the Fox is no longer allowed to watch it. We can’t allow government to watch itself.  I am honored to have been born here, and I will continue to honor that which is the Republic, not a Democracy a Republic there’s a difference, and for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. These are not just words merely endowed to us as Americans, natural born or otherwise.  It is these truths of freedom within the Constitution; we have to hold high and dear as they are stronger than life itself. Blood has been spilled for it. Freedom, true Liberty, must not be take lightly. It is precious and fragile just as our lives are. The Constitution needs to be protected no differently than our bodies  from harm or injury or attack. Our rights will be there, if we make sure to protect that they are. Ben Franklin told a passerby questioning what form of government they have formed for the people. He answered “a Republic madam, if you can keep it”. Our founding Fathers understood we have to keep watch, and keep alert.  Freedoms will be taken away if we do not stay watchful and aware.  Massive government will continue to take its toll and tax and tax and take away. It is our fault it is so huge, so look no further for blame. We need to protect each other the same way, as we must protect our children or animals from abuse or cruelty. Each one of us makes a difference.  IT is WE THE PEOPLE, every single one that has the power. I no longer wish to hear that ” I am only one person, what can I do”? I have heard this for an excuse to not fight against animal abuse or abuse of your rights and liberty. It was a tyrannical governing body almost 200 years ago that made us slaves, taxing and taking away farms via the State and bankers. We fought and won. But it was all short lived. Its HAS happened again. One can lead by example. Stay strong Americans, stay focused. Observe what is being degraded and taken away from you. Jefferson said a government that is big that offers to give you more will also be big enough to take it all away. Fight for smaller government and for being responsible for yourself and your family. Don’t make others responsible. Do for yourself. You can control this by not being controlled. You can’t survive when you are beholding to government, this weakens the individual. The corporation wants this. They also want to divide us. We are without freedoms and rights as every day we are apt to be “illegal” with what you do daily even in your own home. The technology people are buying in to like the Nest units, take away your privacy. They will take over your homes temperature at the will of the government one day. Don’t be naive. I hear it from too many; people are giving up on even living life anymore. There will be no life worth living as all will be taken from you.

Fight for your rights, your constitutional freedom and your lives. You have a right to your sovereignty, fight for it. When our founding fathers penned their names to the parchment of the Declaration of Independence, they knew they might sign their death warrants. They understood their lives were worth nothing unless they had freedoms to pursue life liberty and happiness.

I believe even with 9/11, time does heal the initial shock and strife of horrific wounds but it does not rid you of the sores and subsequent pain that remains. The attacks still give us the longing to relive the days of innocence and to have those we miss that died that day, among us. That is our spirit. And it is not only humans that know this. Animals feel trauma after the fact, is called post traumatic responses. If they survive them, Past agonies are not forgotten. They relive in their minds even if the acts are not being repeated, the same movement or sound will push that memory in, and they show they have PTSD.  They long to be normal, trying to act normal but any event only needs to be “suggestive” of that past trauma to them via a sound or action and they react with trauma. I see it in my rescues animals. People are the same. If New Yorkers see something now in the sky, people still react long after. I have a cat that reacts to anything that sounds like a gun shot. He has a Beebe in his thigh bone in which the vet said it should be left there and not removed because its lodged into the bone itself. I have heard him hiss in apprehension when he hears bullets from the range north of me, and will react at the sounds he thinks are the same threat he recalls with pain and fear. The other cats that people tried to kill don’t forget these harsh hands and cruel spirits. They know they made the mistake to trust. Of course they relive it. So will we, and we did so when New Yorkers again saw planes over Manhattan, it was years later, only to find out we were mortified with our President to find out it was a stunt, Yes they said it was a “Stunt”, via the administration. How could they be so callous? So how can we forget?

 My friend asked me once, how many years will be it be till we are done, in “mourning” and memorium of this day, she added that one of her patients actually stated something oddly surreal yet very plausible. With sincere clarity and apprehension of how cold and detached peoples character can behave, my friends patient hoped she would never see a 9/11 “day sale” as we do for Veterans and Memorial Day “celebrations”. I believe that we shall never taint nor celebrate this day with such marketing tactics yet, I do know that in time, we will forget. In 50 years we shall still be in remembrance for this day. IT may take yet another 50 years after, to a total of 100 to lessen the “memory” of this country’s emotional wounds of such tragedy.  Many of us will still hold to the heart, perhaps the children of parents, or grandparents, to never forget those that were there lost on that fateful day. I suppose when those of us that have been directly affected by that day die off, those moments remembering the true details in our minds, the details at ground zero or nearby, many faces seen frozen in horror watching it live or on TV, knowing people were dying, watching those images of People that jumped out of windows to their death choosing this instead of burning, will at some point pass. Time does this, and it is in a way unfortunate. As we must remember what history has made us forever changed. Many watched in disbelief that day only because they could not believe that yes this country too, can be under attack. I believe black cats have an embedded gene in their DNA that somehow “recalls” the deaths of so many black cats, and other cats during the misguided superstitions of the middle ages that they almost eradicated the feline species altogether …it’s people, that did this. these are beautiful emotional beings that show love and are seen as they eat run, talk with meow sounds in their dreams, they have wishes, joyous moments, moments of play and yes, hopes. They surely maintain hope and trust to not be hurt nor abused, and all too often their trust is broken, and they are abused and killed. How are we different?  I have found that this is a pattern with black cats, they seem to be a bit more skittish, more distant that the other cat species. Perhaps we too after disclosures and all the indictments are served and arrests are made, that when all the crimes are revealed that these people in our government did to all of us, to children, the Treason, we too will have these emotional genes represented within our DNA so that we never forget, and never allow these horrific deeds to take place again. So within our “genetic memories” it will remain, so that we will survive the crimes to humanity and all global life, as UN Agenda 21 the plan was to have WW3 to kill us all. (see “Georgia Guidestones” online, someone spent a load of money to have it inscribed there for all to know)


I sincerely doubt that any of these feelings and memories will lessen as these are all experiences we take with us, and must gain wisdom from them. This day of deliberate Satanic death was a plot, and it will be etched within our psyche like the Black Cat from Medieval Times,  even after our time here is past we will remember.  So on September 11th, relish in your day, whatever you mark it with, only live with a gentle spirit, and stay in the light with your deeds so that when THE light comes for you, so that when you are finished and done here for all that you will take with you, will not be wealth, it will  be the love, the good you have done and those things that you hold dear with pure love to cherish and have devotion with that love  for Our Father, his Son, and Angel being as they dwell in love (that’s the Kingdom/ the Dimension), those human and animals spirits that abound around you will be there too, its  this that makes your life precious, not money or stuff, its with their returned love that is pure bliss for they will remember your spirit forever. And That is the grace that will be taken with you and returned a trillion fold. That glory will be your guide home to our Kingdom, that is the true wealth, that waits for all that dwell in that frequency of love. It is a vibration, energy change, that alters with you but only in that state of grace. Evil, will never get that, they just can’t attain that frequency its an energetic density level in physics. Those that have done these evil deeds, they should do well to be warned, this experience will NOT be for them. That frequency will actually be something they cannot withstand. It may end them entirely, definitely it will alter their substance of being.  It will be the direct opposite for them, and an eternal struggle. So choose,  Live in the light here and dwell where you, your state of mind, are surrounded by peace, contentment and love. Respect life, treat it with care and protection. For only this will allow you to be an infinite soul, with a blessed journey to the next realm, when we leave this space of the physical realm. It is spelled out everywhere in ancient texts, cuneiform,  bible texts,  interpreted from all languages, it is what Jesus the teacher, spoke of and wanted the Disciples to carry forth for people to learn, and why. Its literally physics that was not understood at that time, the words tried to explain all that exists in our universe, and Jesus had his work cut out to try to explain all of this in language that had no understanding of any of it. And  we can now explain better with our knowledge of space/time and dimensions, that His Father, dwell ed within a Kingdom and that Jesus returned to and came from that place where there was an existence of many in many levels , and they were other beings of light there, and would return to dwell within this spacial dimension as he spoke to the others next to him placed on their crucifixion cross to suffer and die for being political enemies, he basically told them, their next suffering moments would be relieved, as this would be their next space to dwell,  they would see it and feel the bliss too as they are all welcomed there in purely a space of loving energy.

With all we now know, it amazes me that people still live their life with extreme negativity, ill will upon others, greed, apathy and cruelty upon other life, without purposes of care toward all life that suffers, we must change it, for we that know, know life is and must be treasured. The payment of not following to evolve toward this resonance factor otherwise, comes at a high cost later.

Those that won’t change, will literally live and learn..the hard way.

[P]atriots [A]are [N]ow [I]n [C]ontrol is coming to the Deep Swamp.