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The Life Of Dr. Nandor Fodor (Foreword)

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

Thank you to Jeff Green, his wife Cathy, and Andrea for this honor to speak from the heart about Dr. Nandor Fodor and his work.  I have to thank all of the preceding care takers of this glorious library of information, to be collated and disseminated for the public in a reintroduction of Nandor Fodors pioneer work at some point, I was told perhaps by the Lewellyn “family” of publishing.


As caretakers of this embodiment of Nandor Fodors work, Jeff, Cathy and Andrea have granted me this honor to write a foreword about anything I would like to add about Fodor, parapsychology, and the true phenomena when it happens around us. Sadly I am told by some people that they have never experienced anything paranormal, yet that is odd for life. It may not occur to be seen by everyone, but its occurring all around you regardless of notice or not. I want in fairness to say right off, that I am not a skeptic of the field of Parapsychology as Fodor became toward the end of his research in the supernatural. The term Parapsychology is a field of study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena.


I come from a very different point of view on this than Nandor, as I have worked my whole life in what some people have called the “impossible” as they could not understand how it is possible to get such vast details as license plate digits and much else out of seemingly thin air for cold cases.  Sadly this is a world unknown to most where I have gained some “impossible” credentials within. The results of these cases would have fascinated  the inquisitive mind of Dr. Fodor


Those of us who are privy to the existing sciences within the paranormal and the supernatural, specifically anomolis phenomena, the term was not coined until after 1973 and after the death of Nandor Fodor. I don’t feel it is fair to judge him a total skeptic as he was a product of the time he lived. He was unable to fully investigate and document with all the tools present today. Nandor was remarkable nonetheless. Alas he had made a conclusion, to no fault of his own. He needed these tools we have today to aid him to obtain the so called unseen, as he was left to visually only comprehend the “Real thing” in action. And sadly you cannot call phenomena to appear on cue, and unless you can call out a ghost and make things obvious to have some kind of documentation or eye witnesses , a replay of a phenomena captured, was unavailable. I am certain of it that he became torn and frustrated with the feeling he could not prove what occurs to the outside world for them to see as proof. What I have found that sometimes no matter how much proof you provide, some people will still make up excuses to resist what they see and stay skeptics, perhaps out of fear, or perhaps out of plain inability to understand with enough intelligence what they are seeing. Sadly Nandor was not born in the right time for a proper investigation to ensue. Even without few tools and technology to see the unseen, Nandor remains a courageous mind to seek and speak the truth of his findings regardless,  at a time that was still a young frontier in this field.


We that participate, I can’t say we work in this field, we are part of it, and phenomena is part of life itself, part of the universe, we understand death does not exist as most people think it does, (reincarnations, NDE data and research from varying professions, and researchers) added to what has been proven in physics is that “information is never lost”. In theory, it can be retrieved if you have a way to do. I like to think of that as the same as energy itself, living energy, which carry’s memory, feelings, existence within itself and that life as information is truly never lost. What are we if not experiences that are pure information within living energy?


But Nandor Fodors’ skeptic conclusion at the end,  does not in my mind diminish or belittle his quest, his passion, and his work, as an investigator…inquiring  and searching a vast new frontier of science was what he pursued in the best of his ability at the time.  They knew so little then, not only without tools did he go into these investigations, but so little was known about the brain, about energy itself which is also another frontier, as well as what we call the consciousness, the soul, spirit, entity. What of all the documentation and details given by people that return back from being clinical death? Returning with details they couldn’t possibly have known nor guessed while they were clinically dead.


Lets also consider today’s general logic of rational thinking minds, so different then the logic of even an academic populace at the turn of the century.  We are more advanced I think, ( well some of us are) and we are able to obtain information within just a few moments where massive amounts of data can be obtained via access to the internet. We know or can know so much more. Fodor had no “microscope”, sensitive cameras, digital measurements of magnetic resonances in space, or fields of moving energy, all tools that would have helped his research. Nor could he fully appreciate and bring into proof something visual, much less a recording to scrutinize it in a replay, but now with the help of teamwork which he also didn’t have, he could have additional eye witness reports and recorded documentation to depict that truth in a visual format to academia and the public that life after death exists. He was battling his peers, very skeptical so called academia at the time. I can’t even imagine the courage it took to do his study in that time period within the so called paranormal, outside of the norm which it is not, nor is it supernatural as it is again, very natural within “God’s Universe” as some like Einstein used to say.


Today and Now what has been “unknown”, is not only known, but has been deemed “useable” to aid law enforcement when they have nothing, no evidence or witnesses, but  many agency’s remain unnamed, in the shadows for their use of these tools, as they are still worried about commentaries from the “skeptics” that still prevail. I am proud to say that many individuals and departments have surfaced to include these as tools to help move cases from cold file status to prosecutions, and I have been fortunate enough to help provide them and familys, with closure. I like nothing better than to help close a non moving cold case and bring the perpetrator to justice. The definition itself designates the state of this phenomena is outside of the norm, yet that is not what these events and manifestations are. They are very normal. The universe is what it is, and all is working in the way that IS normal. The fact that anomalis phenomena exist, states it is normal and not unusual.  Not unlike the Captain and crew of the fictitious story of Gene Roddenberry’s, Star Trek. these real life observers travel dark and uncharted territory, they must be brave, patient, and passionate about their research to keep on collating data and observations. And as technology advances more will be known and observers will have technology to act like the Star Trek crew did. It is said that Roddenberry had an insider for much of what he wrote and stated was NOT sci fi,  and this was someone in the MK12 group, a small group of individuals appointed by the President to study UFO phenomena.


Thus far, most that have opened these doorways don’t have the knowledge that many researchers and those who function in these finding have. These in knowledge of it, are way past believing, they are finding ways for using it.


Most people are still in the “believing” stages. The public at large is yet to comprehend what has been harnessed, and of course misused by the special agencies and departments that have the extreme financing to do this research. Little is still known about our rush to get past the Russian knowledge in the paranormal in the field in the fifties and those chosen to be researched that had specialized abilities like Nina Kulagina and her telekinetic energy. After many years of videos that remain of her work, the persecution and the prosecution of Nina as she later refused to work for them, eventually all they finally did to her, made her die of exhaustion and heart failure. Our own government’s intelligence gatherers wanted us to be ahead or at least equal to what the Russians had learned which included the Star Gate mission, and all that they know they have learned to remain silent over. The public is never released such information. I know. I’ve worked with these people.


Nandor would be transfixed and in awe with many of the advancements in these areas made to date. And I’m not just talking about the paranormal, for instance within the scientific technologies industries that have been created to monitor or access and use these anomalies. I happen to know of a device that was invented that was a protype created a long while ago, by someone I knew, that could hold a psychic energy burst (created by a telekinetic, a burst of psychic energy from a person able to do it) stored inside a type of battery, and this device was fashioned so that this concentration of energy could be shot out at will at any given target when it was pointed and released. A psychic bullet if you will. Clean wet works. No evidence, no sign of a crime. It would look like a heart attack or a stroke, pointing away from a perpetrator or even that a murder took place.


Nikola Tesla had huge numbers of patents, in directions that straddled many energy areas. When his suspicious death happened, and he was found in his room in New York City at his hotel residence, all of his papers and knowledge of his genius and gifted work housed there, much of it within his safe, mysteriously disappeared without a trace even today. If only we had his patents implemented for our way of life, we would be living within a very differently world because of it, we would be out of the “stone age” of our use of just energy use, at the very least. One of his patents in a protype, gave him evidence of audible phenomena within another ‘dimensional space”. What he continued to hear was in no doubt to him audible evidence it was another dimension. He recorded it, then later  shut it down and disassembled it, because it “scared the living daylights’ out of him. Even Tesla’s mind, was not ready for certain evidences in the paranormal.



Nandor Fodor must have been a fascinating young man! Born on May 13, 1895 old style Hungary where castles had their witness reports of sounds and manifestations of people long dead, and where villages were full of people that were superstitious with traditions set in their ways. I can envision him to be fascinated and unable to resist this field of study. In those days, this seemed a daunting task as you cannot force a haunting to happen when you want it, not in a lab or anywhere. He was, a young man… Intelligent, inquisitive and curious,  Fodor was a parapsychologist, psychologist, author and a journalist. Yet at his time, he was probably the only investigator that might have well extended himself with his academic background and the only one that might have put up with the negative name calling from other academics. This was a study in an area of physical phenomena that was not yet a science, the paranormal area was designated as not normal,  and he could try to disseminate it with a background of intelligence and scrutiny in a scientific [which means repetitive] manner for the first time by anyone, at least as far as I know no one had ever been brave enough to do this study and be documented doing it.


It was the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This was a time when fascination was at a high pitch point in regards to the supernatural.


When Nandor Fodor was born in May 1895, there was a fervor of ongoing interest in the supernatural. Mediums must have been coming out of the woodwork to give people willing to believe a run for their money to provide ‘communication’ from those on the other side a sound or glimpse of their loved ones that were so missed. When Nandor was in his mid 30’s in the early1930s when so called spiritualists existed he must have been obsessed to engage in investigating all of this happening at the time, but within ten short years he was driven to not believe in any of it, and he concluded without any real factual evidence to the contrary that evidence of the afterlife just didn’t exist. It all seemed very elusive and non existent. It seemed a con mans game. Again, who could blame him? How could not prove that anomalous phenomena was real. No tools existed to prove anything to the contrary no matter what he truly believed inside. It was all impossible for that time.


Know that Fodor at his time was unparalleled. A true explorer, a courageous voyager into the unknown, Fodor decided “to boldly go where no man had gone” prior! He must have felt driven, obsessed for answers… but how to somehow prove that the supernatural did exist! Who really knows what started these obsessions for him to get his answers…what did he see himself to start his quest? What did he really know from his early beginnings, before he changed his mind set to join with academia within ten years after believing the whole time? He concluded with Freud, that it had to be “psychological” and cut out any other investigations or eye witness reports to believe it was only the self, and its own manifestations.



In Nandors toddler days, it was still remembered that the late President Abe Lincolns wife Mary, had been searching through as many mediums as she could find, to find her dearly departed son Willie aged 11. Because of lack of hygiene and knowledge, he died of a high fever as it is now suspected from unacceptable drinking water tainted by e-coli. It was this water supply that the White House used right from the Potomac that ran in front of the White House. Mary in all lost 3 children and later would continue with use of mediums to try and locate her husband Abe Lincoln, killed so tragically and dramatically as the nation was still licking its wounds from war. Fodors curious nature must have been further peaked, there was a parlor game known as The Ouja board, sadly still in use still today opening portals that innocently and naively should not be opened. All of this must have fascinated Nandor.


When you open a door, especially inter-dimensionally creating a portal to the outer world, it absolutely is naïve to leave it open for anything to wander subsequently wander in. I have seen what comes of this tragedy too often. The opening created here, seems impossible for those that are succumbed to suing the Ouija, as it appears as a game for most. But it takes our energy and will to open this gateway.


When we pass, and I did as a child drowned, we descend through this temporary moving and fluid like corridor which appears quite very physical. It is both a connection and a reality, to allow us to travel and to pass from this dimension to another.

It is also how hauntings are created. If the self energy does not and perhaps for its reasons is resistant to pass through, this energy soul is then left in a stasis, close to this dimension, it is a location in close proximity to our physical reality. We know this dimensional space as the “M” theory. “The Membrane theory”. This theory suggests the answers to these paranormal events and more because it is a parallel dimension to our reality. The outer perimeter of this dimension would appear as a Membrane as it is bumping and moving in a fluid like matter all because of time and space which is not constant. We will have more findings about this and other spaces in time given accelerated study and comprehension of dimensional activity itself. That is why we can see phenomena manifest, then it seems to not be there. Phenomena can appear to flow back and forth. Sometimes the energy and even objects can fully manifest into a solid form that is hard to believe it is not, sometimes it can just appear as a shadow or cloud passing by. All of this is not evil as some assume because of religious fears and dogma passed on that is just plain medieval fear and ignorance. Although manifestations,  can be like people. Some can be good, some bad. But not all should be assumed is dark energy


Energies can travel, with this time space close to us, and with this dimensional movement, never staying completely here or there. When an individual upon death, and these can be pets as well, as been evidenced by countless witness reports and documentations of animal “manifestations” or vocalizations, they have not for their reasons, connected to their ultimate destination and dimension . Via this corridor we know as a temporary wormhole, life energy becomes “displaced”. The corridor closes. The more work that comes of physics and subatomic physics, the more that is explainable of the so called “paranormal” manifestations and events. Fodor’s mind would be swimming with glee!


What we now understand from full evidentiary investigations, and multiple documentations globally within laboratory conditions (I was one who was privy to be included) we now know that the supernatural is in point of fact,  very natural and the paranormal is very normal for the universe to “behave” this way. This is all about energy, its movement and its will,  in us [our self], and our universe. Every corporeal element emits frequencies. This translates to wave lengths, something very physical, that can move matter. It has strength, and capacity via will. It’s consciousness. Even photons have shown to have a “will “ and a “consciousness” to alter a “mapping of photons” on a black surface, then change what it does, with cameras rolling, then change again when the cameras are pulled away! It not only knows its being watched, but filmed.


Here’s another belief altering experiment, again with photons. When a photon was split and sent in two different mazes, its one half sent via a shorter track, then its other half…every single time this experiment was done, then changed, it came out the same in the end. The one half, waited for the other half (of the photon) to unite with itself in the end. What does that tell the physicists? That they were communicating…with each other. That transcended their known knowledge of physics and subatomic particles…but they were not theologians. So the understanding came that these photon particles, were in some way alive…to transfer telepathically what both wanted for each other. To unite at the end, then become one again. That’s quantum for you it’s strange but true.


Upon these baffling studies…Einstein was know to have said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one”. He understood how very strange “God’s universe” is, and that anything and everything can happen at any given moment unexpected or not. Nothing is impossible and Quantum physics was the beginning of that very proof. Skeptic or not in todays world in the end you either concur something is really happening or you’re a nincompoop to refuse to see the forest for the trees!


Everything is energy, it it can and must communicate in some way as it is alive. This is present in psychometry where objects act like recording tape that can be interpreted by a sensitive  like myself, as I had been given a article of clothing to  “read” to retrieve traumatic events still imprinted in them, the details of the homicide, the killer and the victim wearer . Another time I was given a hat, not told who it belonged to,  to hold and retrieve details on the perpetrator who had committed the details of numerous cold file crime in varying states and I could see the details to prove this and the victim went to prosecution (White Plains, NY Homicide Dept). By example the couch or chair you are sitting on right now, has a mass of many, moving atoms and is producing a type of energy. You may not be sensitive enough to feel them but that doesn’t make it not so.   To you it “appears” solid. Under different conditions, that can change. That’s the “illusion” Einstein spoke about.  Wait until a supernatural event transpires. That very solid chair or couch can become fluid and begin to break its “solidity” and mass. In this case I was an observer of a bed doing this, being manipulated to alter atomically by an entity.


Dr. Fodor, you started in the right course in believing in the beginning that there was a true phenomena working behind the scenes, that was explainable but in a metaphysical supernatural way.  But in the end everything that that exists or misbehaves out of the “norm” is natural. If  is happening it exists, and it must be natural. Naturally! 😉



Nandor had come from his background, it was all he had that seemed real.  Sigmund Freud and the new psychology of the sub conscious mind were the logic then.  Logically speaking, he had to conclude along with his peers, that all of the manifestation and activity were due to as Freud suggested, to one’s own subconscious. It seemed impossible to him and to others like Freud to consider that any of these actual manifestations were something else. What was known to be done by con men at the time were to produce as “proof” to relatives or loved ones that these photos were representing spirit. This faked photography had been made up with faked “ectoplasm” worked around the ones photographed. People wanted to believe this was in fact their loved ones embodied in the spirit form.


Yet if one could truly produce such manifestations, as Nandor came to believe it boggles the mind how he was not convinced that this in fact was still proof of something supernatural, the paranormal he was looking for. If it was a true manifestation, who cares where it came from the living or the dead! Fodor was convinced it real and was being produced by the self.


What remains in the end, is to conclude about Fodor’s research, under pressure of the times, that he could not have imagined nor understood what was yet to be discovered, understood, found uses for to be used, alone with other sciences and technologies providing proof of existence. That yes, indeed energy exists, proof of life after death exists, and these energies that cannot be seen with the naked eye, some can, but that life does not die, it continues ( the “information can never be lost” findings in physics). And it continues on inter-dimensionally, to an alternate realm, the “other side”, and it flows  back and forth like an object flowing beneath ice, appearing and disappearing with the flow between all within dimensional reality and time.


It has made me wonder if he understood, that in time, one day, as science, and technology moved forward, if this in itself with continued pursuits to discover that these quests would yield the proof he wanted and more. I would like to believe that he somehow knew. In not too much time thereafter, people kept the pursuits. Hans Holzer, lived and worked as an author and Parapsychologist in modern times, as “The Ghost Hunter”.  The Jane Roberts Books were transcribed, and written materials that were given by Seth, a non terrestrial persona that wished to impart understanding of such mysteries of existences of life, it was channeled to Jane, information from either an off planet being or a deceased being. Which is pretty much the same in my book . They are non corporeal beings they are in location non terrestrial and no longer having life here. Perhaps in the past, these messages were seen and recognized as either Gods or Angels in the past or by some in recent times.  So people, continued to believe in other things unseen. These were more pioneers that managed to make their way into the public consciousness and to be heard. Our personal reality was really not as it has been seen. It is magical and strange in contrast  what we have been indoctrinated with. And our curiosity still wants to know more because in our souls, we know.


Our technology and gadgets easily available now online do depict electro magnetic movements in our space. These gadgets sense wave like movements and frequencies that can now be easily bought by all, and this was science fiction to Nandor Fodor. Another gadget, a  “spirit box”  device picks up manifested signals and translates them into “speech” other equipment can leave sounds recorded on tape inaudible to ourears, which can allow an entity to “talk” to you.  As our equipment become more sensitive, cameras, print emulsions, digital cameras, we saw and had more.  One day, as Nandor may have hoped, we can sit with a deceased loved one. The evidence of the atom began that same way. It had to be seen first.  It takes faith to find the truth. And to know that nothing is impossible



When a specially created and ultra sensitive computer was designed to show a “human wave of mass consciousness”, it showed a wave pattern proving that human consciousness on the planet “felt or sensed” and was aware BEFORE a cataclysmic event happened (tsunami, etc. ). Not only is the human mind  changing, more ESP phenomena globally that the brain is changing (the Noetic sciences) but consciousness as a whole is uniting to specifically be “touching into” something special, to pick it up before it happens, but also that the technology itself is also becoming sensitive (“psychic”) to be able  to read these frequencies and wavelengths and record them.


At Fodor’s time, the conclusive thinking of most people at the time, the overall logic was different.  People that truly came to grips with seeing a true paranormal event were less likely to come forward to describe and tell their stories of what they really saw. They did not wish to be judged and diagnosed from a psychologist’s point of view that they were crazy and should be institutionalized. Only because there was little proof  but their own testimony and confusion within what they thought they knew, of the event without certainty, there was fear , perhaps loss of job, respect, and ridicule,

Drug therapy shock treatment, abuses and death, all within the lack of understanding of what happens in time and space, the penalty was severe for those who were “sensitive’s” to frequency’s, impulses and of phenomena that can manifest within these fields of energy.


A true scientist must remain open, especially in studying something as vast and illusive as reality…for it definitely is all an illusion as mass can change in an instant, and now we know because it wants to as it is conscious (the photon experiments).


Einstein’s own search for the formula for “The Everything Theory” was intense for him at the end. He so wanted to find that “Gods universe” as he called it was made quite simple and could be depicted in one short mathematical formula. It was his last quest he never finished. But think about energy. It can be malleable, like mercury beads, all separate, or can be rolled into one large bead. Then back again split into many. And it can travel any where, with in no time constraints at all. Its mass is malleable and can be constructed at will. At will of its own devise. To manifest what it wants. Is that possible?

The simple Photon experiments have proven this. Futurists have projected we will have a many device to do extra ordinary things, paranormal things. Like this one device that will be able to take atoms, and alter atoms from “nothing” into a dress, or a vehicle, or food like choosing an item in a vending machine. Sound like fantasy? From creativity comes reality. It’s also a form of manifestation itself. Think Star Trek. Most of Roddenberry’s science has already happened. Information, all at the touch of a button, called the internet. A physicist friend, Eldon Byrd is now deceased, suggested that within less than a 3 day period without rest, we can learn about all on a computer including all that has happened on the planet. The tri-corder? We have it. The smart phone and other medical equipment counterparts.  Tech that can fabricate anything from molecules including food? We have it. A molecular transporter? We are working on it but I do believe it already exists. And Time travel?  We shall see as there is much information that is suppressed about this. We have the technology at nano levels to send atoms into the future (CERN-there’s much more but I won’t suggest). Does time seem to pass quicker to you? It is. Its been pushed. Is this the Mandela Affect? Read about the earths pulse that used to be at 8, its way past that now. Called the Schumann Resonance, it has bursts daily that are off the chart. Yes there’s more. Cloaking devices, invisibility. I’m sure we have this as well. Also keep in mind the technology in what the Military and secret facilities have in present time, are always more advanced applications  than what is existing at laboratory  non military levels. Eventually much will be transferred one hopes for public use when they feel, we are ready for it. We have been, so we wait.


Think about the Big Bang…what “hand”, what energy deliberately pushed that very first atom of Hydrogen through to this universe and from where?


I think if I had met Einstein, I would say think about Plasma, and Energy, that is Conscious, having Awareness  and Information, equal’s an identity that is a Life Source, having what we call its own Will, a knowing, it directs itself…that’s the true Theory of Everything Einstein was searching for. Its Simple its Consciousness. He always believed complex answers could be completed within a mathematical formual, I am told this is impossible, but this is only within our known physics that it is. You see, everything including a photon has consciousness of itself, it is aware itself as Quantum has proven in the experiments where photons were split, put through mazes of varying types over and again to find a way to meet at the end in time to be whole again. Another photon experiment was to place photons cast on a screen, they created a pattern then when cameras moved in they created another pattern, then moved out they returned to the other pattern. This happened over and over again, proving that they were aware of being watched, so they played out a different pattern. They played! Therefore all things must have a form of life as they are consciousness itself, living, and sentient, as soul energy is.


We are grateful and dedicated to the frontier Nandor explored and he left behind a legacy of work to say to others, be unafraid to explore. We thank you for dream quest. It has led us further in knowledge and facts of the paranormal, all because of your courageous beginnings and to all others who with all their heart, are true explorers of the opening up of information, for what is no longer the unknown.



Marisa Serbinov (Anderson) has gained recognition worldwide for her work in scientific research of varying kinds, her criminal cases with whole departments working as a contracted colleague that successfully went to prosecution with her help, contracted assignments with corporations, and agencies, and exacting world predictions (undisputable and time stamped as they were made on radio) as well as resolution of anomalous phenomena cases, better known as a Haunting. She lives in the Hudson Valley area of New York.