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Magical Mysteries Series-Life Is Hard Enough, Why Don’t We Get It?

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Recently I watched a YouTube video by a 27 year old female photographer traveling through Nagaland, the Northeastern part of India. What she saw and tried to do, clearly has changed her forever. What saddens me is that I know she feels as though she didn’t do enough, and feels overwhelming guilt for not being successful in her attempts to save a young dog destined for slaughter and consumption, tied on the top of an SUV, along with a a worn out tire, and mattresses. Even the mouth had been tied shut, not able to move but from the neck area, or show fear as anything would in sounds made, dogs whimper when scared or scream when in pain, he or she could not get help by barking, or comfort, much less in breathing properly as it was clearly hot and dogs without sweat glands,  cool themselves by panting.  This poor puppy could do none of these things. So many creatures on land and Sea are sentient, that means they are aware of themselves, aware of having life and free will. Yes even fish struggle for freedom when caught. How is this NOT a sentient creature, when pain is felt or the will to be free is there!

Many animals dream in sleep you can see it by the responses during REM sleep which they do have. Even fish sleep. What was most piercing and relentless to leave anyone with a hearts brain, was the look in the eyes of acceptance of something horrible, this beautiful creature knew something even more horrifying was yet to come. Those eyes will never leave a compassionate soul that has seen them. This is burned in your memory, as it is in the young Photographers mind. Even though she was the only one that probably moved into action to do what she DID do. I saw underneath within the comments, that most people were expressing horror, but no one thanked her for what she did do as she declared in the video she ran around to get help, Yelled for Help and ran inside the cafe they were all stopped in front of, she clearly went into a panic to get help from people,  to get a compassionate human like herself, desperate and in horror knowing the engine on that SUV was left running and soon to be on their way, she needed empathic help for someone to do something. Yet she had more courage than anyone else to go do this, but could not muster up the courage to do much more physically, how many people KNOW what to do,  or to  even try the unthinkable, as the woman was waiting for the other man the driver who would soon be returning to the SUV… should she take the animal by force and then have an all out war battle with them both? The passenger, the adult woman was left sitting in the passenger side, door opened, ignoring the young girl, a photographer, pleading, then bartering for cash to buy the dog and release it from this outcome. As she began by confronting the woman, she asked is this your animal? The woman replied it was her pet, Yes. The young Photographer bluntly responded with courage..” no one treats a pet this way, you are going to eat it arent you.”  The woman, clearly cooling herself with the door still open said “Yes.”  The young brave photographer  put all of this into her video, and then watched with horror as the man, the driver came out of the cafe, she too approached him to buy the puppy, he too, simply ignored her, got in and drove away. She watched the puppy, and the SUV drive on and away, she watched those eyes until they drove away as far as she could see then continued to film, watching that puppy tied on the top,  photographing the journey along the serpentine winding road below her in the valley below.

No one in the cafe was willing to help and said in fact, Oh this happens all the time. There is nothing you can do. Yet the laws on their books state this is in fact Illegal, eating dogs is an unthinkable action when so many other foods exist there to eat. Clearly they bought something in the cafe, they had items on top of the SUV, had gas in the tank they had money to purchase anything else to eat.Yet they bought the puppy live, I am actually surprised they kept it alive for the drive back, probably not wanting to dirty up their vehicle for the trip back.

Yet the small market not far back up the road, had set up “shop” for all to display, proudly showing their wares, all dogs, called Bush Meat. Small beautiful puppies all though out the market were displayed, sold as meat placed into cages. Many trusting the tough of humans were wagging their tails taken out, happy to be with anyone and shown any attention all looking for love ..placed on top of the cages, uncomfortable as it was to stand on them they were shown, tails held high, turned around left and right and with a heavy thud placed down mightily on the cage as though this was in fact some sort of dog show in which they were displaying the beauty and originality of the breed to win some award. It was hard to believe, this was a living creature, wagging its tail to be sold to someone to slaughter it, and dine upon it.

Have we not descended downward, not upward in evolution? Where are we as a race of beings, if we cannot treat our precious planet and its beings with devotion as divinely as Jesus treated all life he came in contact with, in his short time here on earth?

One blogger, could not contain the anger felt by seeing this whole story from start to finish. Their response was a sharp dagger of words, condemnation and blame. Here is the exact response, no punctuation-

“You didn’t offer enough money you could have followed them what kind of person are you to have let this go on without stopping it you should be ashamed of yourself you should get in touch with the animal activist groups you were there not us your pitiful”

After I read this, I had to comment to the young Photographer who by the way,  gave her name in the beginning of the video, and her age and that she was a Photographer by trade.

I offered these words-

“Bless you for Having the courage to try so hard, then Having the courage to put the video up.. you never know it may make miracles happen for the rest to be saved. Don’t let people’s judgments throw you off… keep the video up. Chances are those that judge would have done nothing, they probably wouldn’t have even noticed the dog at all. It Takes awhile to learn how to fight and sometimes the most poignant examples are the tragedies to make you learn giving you a mindset, training, to fight harder to make you a warrior. Don’t despair ..times will change, but it will take a lot of people to make these changes and it can happen… miracles do happen. Its happening in China as well.
I too had to learn to fight and I became a warrior but it takes miss -steps, And tragedies to do it, to wake you up, to do something fast, and to learn how to do it. A Placid person doesn’t turn into an aggressive warrior immediately takes time, and training to boost into action. I’m sure the memory of this feels like a bad Nightmare and you can’t let it go.. so again I applaud you for your courage to post it.
Miracles happen, and quite often. Our energy starts them from our hearts and souls.
Bless your precious heart. Forgive yourself, you will adapt and learn if you see another wrong being done, you’ll have more experience, how to handle it. This is how warriors, and heroes are made. ❤ Bless you, Jesus knows. It took Him time too”.

Bless all of you, and bless all that are not Armchair warriors! Take as great of care as you would a precious infant, to feel you CAN balance the scales and begin to win for all those that are victimized, children, women of domestic violence, animals both domestic, farm and wild, for all that are in peril or in trouble need someone to help them. Otherwise what are we here for? The only things we take with us when we leave, are are love, our deeds good and bad and what we have earned in “stripes” for ownership of our evolution here. Love, IS the answer. Jesus Knew this, as our Energy, called our Soul, Spirit, all that we are beyond the physical, holds within it the strongest frequency, a resonance that we can attain with working in the light, we change the frequency which is a resonance and a vibration that is seen felt and can manifest.. that IS what WILL lift us higher, literally in vibration-al frequency, it is attained ONLY with the spirit of inner and outer peace, a resonance of love as a constant. This is the way. And it derives to give us the true wealth that has all been twisted by too many that wish to manipulate, take power over us, and take us into fear porn daily,  to deviate us away from that simple truth, that when we attain that nirvana state of being, EVERYTHING happens, supernatural PLUS, and nothing is impossible. Telekinesis, Telepathy, being in many places at once (Spirit Travel),  Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance and all the other abilities and more. We deserve and receive that wealth, for eternity. And is not just attainable on the other side, it is here now as space and time is moving, but it is eternal bliss, on the other side. Heaven, no, Its not here, but we can make it so, BUT ONLY if we want it.

We can’t avoid the obvious, we are here for a short time, what we take with us, must be the most powerful of energy and that is Love. Nothing else is taken with us. Many call this for what it is, the Christ Energy, as HE had it. We too, have it. They don’t want you to know that. It makes all too powerful and not subjects to what the cabal wants of us, nor slaves to them, cowering in poverty and despair. Thats not what was supposed to be. Its WHY Jesus of Nazareth was born. To be a teacher, he never meant it to becoem a religion. He did not have scribes with him, what was written was written almost a hundred years later. Then a few hundred years later. Beings like Him came,  to gift us with teachings, but we turn everything into a Religion. People have lost this information, it was lost by re writes, deletions, then censorship, and of course, manipulating or power over us. What he came to tell us was simple.

“Our energy that we hold in our soul, has been actually measured in a form of weight, of grams upon death, but It has the POWER OF ENERGY of a million nuclear explosions”. – “Guy” Alex Obolensky, Scientist and friend. I miss you my dear precious Alex. I will tell you about Alex a recent happening, in a story, the next in series of Magical Mysteries, in my blog..It occurred just weeks ago, prior to Easter weekend, it was a miracle of supernatural nature, titled ” Alex’s Text Message from Beyond.”




It’s shocking to me  since I was a little girl what I’ve seen I was convinced as a young adult that the word Humane should never come from the word human.

I will from here on in be refusing to buy anything Made in India and will absolutely contact the embassy from here. For India this is sickening they cannot destroy this, making it illegal is not enough…this is still happening every day and night there and in China as well both dogs and cats .
Homo sapien sapien was never a carnivore we started out as vegans this is sickening for people to still do this. We’ve clearly not evolved until we have empathy for creatures as well as each other. We’re showing too much proof right here that we have not managed well for ourselves or this planet we have to start now and stop being “Armchair Warriors” we have to do it each day some way somehow, if it’s phone calls, emails, letters, Animal Petitions that are available online to set up an email where they send what they have for you to sign, its so EZ to do this,  or some other personal way, eg., do personal rescues and keep them for life by loving them and giving them a precious, safe, home. With Feline rescues,  keep cats indoors, don’t let them out to be victims of diseases, parasites, or human or other predators trolling out there to harm innocent domesticated animals, it happens too often to them and to strays.

Our Species, can be vicious and cruel. Its a learning curve for too many that Humans should start teaching children empathy, care, and protection of animals to show love and kindness, its an early need for children. It was My Beautiful Dad who taught me.  Cows, all animals should be shown love, and respect and protection. People are surprised that a Cow will learn to come over from the field to you, so beautiful, trained with love they will come when you play music or whistle to them to come to you as a pet. So many farm animals are treated even more horribly, and research on animals should be ended. Medicine, surgical techniques must still all be developed on the Human model. Its a waste of suffering, NIH tax dollars, and cruelty with nothing coming of it, animal “testing” is the same, all have been repeatedly done over, there is NO precedent for a Logged in system, its deliberate, so that itlis endlessly repeated for funding. People have made careers of Animal Research based in reduction of the Animal Welfare Act to do ever more cruelty in testing and in Labs, omitting even anesthesia to see what Pain is felt, at Universities, and Corporations and Labs all over, all behind closed doors, it is NOT valid and NOT safe for Humans after all. Our Voices are not loud enough.

E-feral, Diethstilbestrone, and Thalidomide developed on animals tortured and killed for, proved to be crippling and killing on Humans. Animal models are wrong! You wouldn’t give a dog an aspirin, as it can kill it. Our bodies, our Human physiologies are so vastly different, and the psychological experiments on animals, don’t get me started, totally hideous and cruel. And with an OBVIOUS OUTCOME. All for money. ALL a waste.