So What is The Mandela Affect?

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

So what is The Mandela Affect?

The Mandela Affect was named after Nelson Mandela’s odd reappearance after many recall him dying I believe it was in the mid 90s as no evidence exists anymore of this event that people swear is a fact. Many, as I did watched the funeral procession that was viewed on all networks that week. He was said to have died in Prison of some kind of virus, I vaguely remember it was from years of negligence within the prison he was kept in, details of which I no longer recall. I recall his wife upset with book rights and began a law suit, many recall this also. But he surfaced suddenly to my surprise as others too were a bit shocked because many of us were certain we saw the funeral and all events that took place over his death, and many recall these events. So the name stuck for things that happened, and then appear to change significantly with no reason for any explanations. But Mandela suddenly alive and well, left prison then went on to become President of the country that imprisoned him!

One such placid argument is a movie line. And many recall both versions. The argument that still continues is it “Luke I am your Father,” or “NO I am your Father.” The tape link given below, shows proof that the actor himself, James Earl Jones should recall the greatest line in the movie. He says its the latter, as James Earl Jones is seen in this video recalling his most famous line heard prior to Mandela Affects on all things of course. He is saying he said ”Luke, I am your Father” and wondering how they would get away with that conclusion for viewers with the story being his Dad. Thanks to Mandela Affect its not changed to” No I am Your Father”.\

Interesting as in 2005 it was still Luke I am your Father that was recalled as this was a Christmas ornament with marketing that way.

I simply say for those who refuse to believe that all has changed to an alternate reality, this can be possible with what is now known in Quantum and Quantum entanglement, as well as dimensional shifts thanks I believe, to CERN scientists tinkering as the cause and effect, claiming they were bombarding particles with the Haldron collider, but many may agree with me, they created a portal and time has been slipping through it. Time has been fleeting because of this, but we have actually caused dimensional slippages that seem to be taking place at sporadic times. The proof remains only in people’s memories, of islands disappearing, movement of land masses, and proof that our nation coast to coast is 1000 miles less or more, and the flight or drive is shorter in distance. Runways have had to change, paint lines etc. My area that used to point North here, well due North has now gone westward. The Panama Canal, no longer faces north and south but east and west now. The peninsula is curved diagonally now sweeping seemingly eastward. But I say believe what you want, As the timelines for one person, seem to be different for another of events and occurrences, news items, not small things like people dying by suicide then showing up later as though nothing happened, is recalled differently and this is irrelevant of the elderly or the younger. This was never the case before even with poor memories; there seem to be many people that recall one thing or another in different timelines. That’s staggering in conclusion of something is clearly happening. Mandela died, we recall the long funeral, the country mourning, the news making big deal of it and his wife wanting to write a book and then a law suit ensured, but so many of us know that he died in prison by some sort of a vague illness and virus, then he was alive and well, not dead, out of prison and President of his country.

Another crazy example, a poor one as there was so much covering up of what took place in every direction but the funny part that all seem to be perplexed over is the debate of 4 seats in the car that the President and Jackie rode in. The John F. Kennedy Car he was murdered in Dallas, one was a fold up extra seat which The Governor was sitting on which made him sit lower and in the front of JFK. Another story was a son knew his Mom had magazines old one she kept forever in her attic. He asked her to look for the original life Magazine because there was a confusion about the number of seats in the car, and in the magazine it had feature photos after that day took place, JFK was already dead, and it showed clearly, the Car with all seated that day in Dallas taken as they were driving, just prior to the assassination. She found the issue, and it had the picture of the car. She recalled with 4 seats, she was not only certain of it prior to seeing it again, but she looked after finding it in the attic for her son who  was on the phone, waiting for her to look and she replied I have it here, she brought it downstairs and looked, and said it was four seats. “Its here in the picture, four seats as I said” she told him. He said keep it don’t put it away I want to see it. Then after her son came over, she brought it out and looked at it and said “Oh My” was her remark. And showed it to him saying that’s not right. The photo magically changed to six seats. She had just seen the day before with 4 seats, which she recalled from childhood seeing on TV and the magazine she saved. She kept saying that was not possible nor was that right. The magazine was old, it looked old. But it had changed after she looked at it!

Gov. Connally was shot from the bullet that went though John F Kennedy was shot 3 times in total and that had changed various times because it was a murder plot to kill him, not wound him, and a cover up of the crime itself. The Governor was in the first row next to the driver, it’s now changed and he sits with his wife next to him in the car now. The Gov. was injured by the first shot which hit him in the upper arm. All evidence and people were manipulated and coerced and threatened and the actual truth is much more complicated than it’s been portrayed. The key fact Connally was shot and that was so overly manipulated from the beginning in hospital, to change the trajectory to make it look like the so-called lone shooter, Oswald, to shoot from high up in the Depository building. Mandela Affect may have made it worse.    Connally sat in front of JFK and lower as it was a fold down seat available for an extra passenger in the front as the car was made for a Driver and to have the Kennedy’s in the back seat. Again not small changes, significant alterations have taken place.  Now, we know there was a huge cover up that’s been proven over time by with many investigators studying the events of that day. This has nothing to do with the cover-up. The changes are bizarre and vast. The hospital nurses testimony’s had been altered and she later said so, all the documents, photos within the hospital, shrapnel evidence, medical reports and medical photos, tests etc disappeared. Doctor’s accounts on paper disappeared. Doctors were later threatened to not tell the truth to anyone.

I was in sixth grade the day John F. Kennedy was killed while in the car with his wife Jacqueline Bouvier at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963. When the Principal came in and whispered something we could not hear to Mrs. Goldstein, our teacher ran out and came back in from the hallway, in her little high heeled shoes, rolling in a portable TV on a stand with wheels, into the classroom so we could watch this historic news unfolding. She wanted us to see what would be our history, all of us affected; we saw the news as it was unfolding that day. We were all quiet and sullen going home that day. The world for us, For Jackie Kennedy, and her children, and so many, seemed forever changed by this plot to kill one man, then his brother, that had planned to free the people from slavery of a system that defrauded and indebted them, they were both about to free us, but the criminal syndicate that was under control, wanted more, and to dominate their will over us, to empower and enrich them, over all that they suppressed, everything was a lie, our technology, all of our history, they oppressed and denied us. Little did we know then what it was all about, but we somehow knew everything was wrong. But we had no idea how bad it all was, and how much we have been tricked and scammed and lied to, and worse, led to slaughter like cattle with senseless wars and events that should never have happened and WW3 planned to annihilate all of us. That’s the UN Agenda 21, look up Georgia Guide stones.

It was years later I found out the route they took that day had been changed minutes prior. How did Oswald Know they would not take the obvious route, another way? CIA knew. Its been pretty much investigated point by point, that he was a CIA patsy. He was set up to look like a lone gunman, but it was not a lone shot, not his bullet that hit JFK that day. Logic dictates, only certain agencies would know the change in plans. Oswald said he was”just a patsy” on camera just a minute before he was shot dead.  Recent investigators showed that he was in Florida and area within the marshes that the CIA owned, it was a set up camp to teach their mercenaries form other country’s to shoot.  Old Bullet boxes have been found from that time period in the swamp waters, right next to that specific island location, known to be occupied then by witnesses for this purpose. There is still so much suppressed, and kept from the public to be uncovered, at some point the declassified documents will be released to the public as the President we saw wanted and tried to have them released but he has little power we see that over these agencys that have for a long time gone rouge with their own agendas directed by others that are not the Executive Office of the President.  Perhaps when all guilty participants are either dealt with or   deceased, the release of the documents, but also the truth, will be revealed. My belief is there were multiple shooters as forensics, the first time I heard the film and shortly thereafter before it was altered, I clearly heard 3 shots. All bullet shrapnel, all evidence, and evidence in the hospital, the car disappeared.

The people want to be able to trust government and leaders again, and I believe that will happen again.


More Mandela Affects

Here are some physical changes in humans from Mandela Affects. We had more ribs, we have less now, and we certainly never had ribs grow back of broken. Yes, they grow back now thank you to the changes from Mandela Affects! Crazy!


Here is another physical alteration of the body from Mandela Affect-

Behind the eye, we had connective tissue not really an empty space but if all skulls have not changed with Mandela you see here is one example remaining online, to have an empty space with tendons and connective tissue, the way many of us older people recall or those that work within medical areas. Now there is bone behind the eye, but many people never noticed as you will read in the comments they think this is normal from before. But practitioners, people in knowledge of the skeleton human body, know and remember..We recall we never had these structures happen before. We do see rare leftovers of what used to be, but Mandela affects seem to find them and change them. I’ve included some photos here.  But people will swear they know what did exist prior, then being so confused seeing the changes after dimensional time shifts have changed things.

Here is one brave pre Mandela knowledgeable commentator who wrote on the blog here, most think they just don’t recall or have “lost it” with the changes they find are so obvious from before, now after , are quite severe to those noticing the changes. I admit, an eye bone is drastic and telltale, a very serious change, just like the rib bones that now regenerate.

Jo Poochie 

“I saw this last night (pictures of the human skull) I honestly don’t remember the orbital socket having bone behind it. I’m 55 and served in the Army. Part of my job was to take x-rays of skulls for identification. I CLEARLY remember the bone not being there. Thanks for this video. It gives me comfort to know I’m not going insane, “ (he writes).